To Our Core Studio Community: COVID-19 Precautions

We have missed seeing you here at 208 Flynn Avenue SO much! We are very excited to be able to open our doors and welcome you into our beautiful Core Studio, especially for those of you who are looking forward to experiencing our new modified Summer season class schedule in person. With the below changes implemented to keep us all safe and healthy, we truly are excited to serve your Pilates and Barre needs in a new way.

We are thrilled to finally again offer “IN STUDIO” Barre classes on our schedule 7 days a week, along with continuing to offer our online Virtual (pre-recorded and available for 24 hours following class) and Virtual LIVE Classes (experience the class in real time while we are offering it in the Studio!) every day. While some of our spaces in class may be shown to those at home who are taking these classes with us, we have some set aside that will not.
In addition to the continued frequent studio cleaning we already institute daily, these state-advised precautionary measures will be in place as we open our doors for the first time since March:

  • Because all “IN STUDIO” class sizes are now limited to 5 per class, reservations made prior to 30 minutes in advance are required. No walk ins!
  • As a courtesy, we encourage the use of a face mask upon entering the 208 Flynn space, and ask you to keep it on while practicing strict social distancing before being called into our Studio for class (we will be wearing ours to greet you!), and until you are settled in at your workout station in the Big Studio.
  • Thank you for throughly washing your hands or sanitizing them with hand sanitizer before your arrival to 208 Flynn, and again after coming into the Studio (where hand sanitizer is available throughout, including at your workout station).
  • Our new arrival procedure: We will allow one student at a time into the Studio, based on the order of reservations made (ie the first to sign up will be first to be allowed in, and so on). Thank you for arriving 10 minutes prior to class to help this new procedure flow smoothly for all to settle in their workout stations until class is over and it is your time leave.
  • Our new departure procedure: Will be the reverse of the arrival, one at a time, in order of sign ups.
  • Our new locked door procedure: Our front door will always be locked. We will let you in for class per above, one person at a time, and the door will remain locked before, during and after class. Only those with reservations will be allowed in the Studio during our classes.
  • Please refrain from bringing any personal belongings beyond small personal property: We will direct you to place your shoes and small personal items such as keys and wallet – please, no bags or purses! – in a small basket that we will provide you with when you arrive to the Studio, where they will remain near the front door on the upper shelves, or on/under the bench in the right corner as you enter our door. Our goal is to keep areas beyond the front hallway (including the waiting room and Studio) free of all things not native to our space, other than you, your clean dry barre socks and your water bottle. 
  • Use of our equipment room and changing rooms will be closed to all students, and there will be no congregating in our waiting room. Our bathroom is for emergency only use, with full sanitization following. Please be sure to come to class prepared.
  • Your “station” will be staged for you in advance of class: All barres/props/mats will be disinfected with CDC approved cleaners, and will be ready for use when you arrive and enter the Big Studio. We will ask that you disinfect all with the cleaners we provide immediately following class, leaving your station set up as found.
  • We will not use manual corrections during any of our classes, and will maintain a minimum 6 foot distance or more from you at all times. Though we encourage use of masks until you are at your workout station in the Studio, using one during exercise is a personal decision. We are limiting class sizes to give enough space to practice strict social distancing, as well as keeping our HVAC system fan running 24/7, in order we may teach safely without one.
  • Antibacterial hand gels and sprays are always available: Both throughout the Studio and at your station for your use.
  • All barres and other surfaces that are touched: (i.e. door knobs, spray bottles, hand gel/spray bottles, etc.) are disinfected between all classes, and our HVAC system fan runs 24/7 to help purify our Studio air.

We have been thoroughly enjoying “seeing” so many of you in our newly launched online Virtual classes, and appreciate all of your support as we continue to navigate this great unknown. As mentioned above, we will continue to offer our online classes, and are working rapidly to provide you with a new ON DEMAND online option, providing 10, 15 and 30+ minute classes for you to choose from to experience from the comforts of home, when you desire. Stay tuned!
In the meanwhile, we truly appreciate all of your love and friendship during this most unprecedented time – and very much look forward to possibly seeing you – for real! – soon!

All the best, Kathy and TEAM CORE